Monday, April 11, 2011

Solar Lanterns

Steve and I have fallen in love.....with solar candle lanterns.  They are sturdy, attractive little columns with a flat-topped peak roof that contains a solar cell that is charged by exposure to the sun.  Inside the faux-concrete lantern is a "flickering" candle that sheds a surprising amount of illumination given how petite it is.  It takes an AA battery, which I just replaced in one of them after many years of use.  The other one still doesn't require a new battery.

I bought two at Costco about 12 years ago or so, and they're still shining away through the night.  I positioned one in our backyard garden and the other atop the retaining wall of our front walkway.  The ones at Costco cost me about $14 per lantern, and I just bought more through for around $16 each.

The best thing is their light is a warm yellow-orange hue like a candle, not that bluish-white glow of the typical outdoor solar light.  I will post a photo of my lovely candle lanterns here soon!  Check it out.