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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Contribute Your Own Artistic Touch

Some years ago we did a lovely kitchen remodel for Jan and Carol of Berkeley. They chose a striking dark green granite slab for their countertops, but for the backsplash they chose ceramic tiles. 'Backsplash' is the term for the area just above the counter, against the wall, that will get splashed by you when you cook or run water. Frequently the choice of finish there is a continuation of the counter surface, be it tile, granite, marble, Corian, Silestone, etc.

However, Jan and Carol desired a contrasting lighter surface. The tiles were a pretty cream color and performed excellently for their task. Every so often a different-looking tile would appear in that backsplash, because Jan had handcrafted it and illustrated it with a color image of an animal. Some were pets they had owned, others were not: a Labrador retriever, a Siamese cat, a colorful parrot, a lizard, and so on.

Jan let us know before the work had even started that she wanted to make her own tiles. We allowed a little extra time in the schedule for her to accomplish her creative goal. We placed the special tiles randomly in the backsplash throughout the kitchen. The animal tiles brought a magical look to the kitchen that made the final result even more endearing to Jan and Carol.

You can also contribute to your own home remodel. If you have a special skill like Jan, who is a graphic artist and professional potter, let us know. We'll examine ways for you to create something that will enhance your home remodel, making it even more personal and intimate.


CherLiquori said...

WOW! Thanks for the ideas. I'm not an artist like Jan, but I love to support local artists and this would be a wonderful idea to add a special touch to a kitchen, or even bathroom, remodel. Maybe as an added perk for their business, contractors can ally with artists to inspire beauty in people's homes. It doesn't have to be expensive, it supports local artists, and makes the space unique, and as you said, personal - which is how I want my home to feel.

Beth Barany said...

What a wonderful way for the homeowner to feel their personal touch in their own home. Your photo showed off beautifully the work both On The Beam and the homeowners did. It's nice to know On The Beam accommodates the creative drives of its clients.