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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When we read the news about the disaster in San Bruno, Steve quickly picked up the phone and called our clients from 2005, the Marquezes. Nobody answered, so he left a voice mail message: "Are you all right?" We waited several days until we finally heard back from Joaquin, who told Lisa the amazing story of their close call and great luck in escaping injury and serious damage.

Their house sits in the canyon only a block or so away from the outer edge of where many houses were consumed in the conflagration. Neighbors' windows cracked and broke, and paint blistered and peeled off exterior walls, Joaquin reported. However, their own residence suffered only minor singeing. The high-quality double-pane windows that we installed years ago are still intact, and the integrated color that we recommended for the exterior stucco job didn't blister in the heat.

We're very happy that the Marquez family is safe and sound and that their home is too.

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