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Thursday, June 16, 2011


What makes a great building and remodeling contractor?  Steve's got it all (and I do mean to brag!):
  • architectural training   - He can draw and read plans, knows strength of materials, strong design skills.
  • product awareness     - He can call out appliances, countertop materials and plumbing fixtures with the best of them.
  • carpentry skills           - His knowledge of carpentry is vast and deep; some others are "paper contractors", strictly businessmen
  • paperwork skills        - He has legally fine tuned and complete estimates, contracts, and clear and speedy correspondence.
  • contracting skills        - Knows how coordinate subcontractors, employees, and timelines, and treat them all well.
  • people skills              - Treats the homeowners like the king and queen of the castle.
The photo above shows Steve installing wainscotting along a wall for a bathroom remodel.  It came out beautifully because he's a perfectionist.

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