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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Some of our favorite On The Beam clients celebrate with us.

We are coming up on our 25th Anniversary as a company called "On The Beam Remodeling". It actually starts in 2010, but we decided to celebrate a little early before the holiday season gets underway and everybody is fresh and bright-eyed, not groggy from over-partying. The company has undergone several transitions since 1985, to wit: a single ownership, a partnership, back to a single owner, and finally incorporation. Through it all we have demanded of ourselves the best that we can possibly deliver in quality at all levels, both to our clients and within the internal workings of On The Beam.

With Apologies, We Blow Our Own Horn

Here is a response from one client:

Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary....The remodel that you did for me...looks as good as the day you completed it and I have still not found a "We should have done that different" spot!

With all best wishes,
Ralph Samuel

We designed and remodeled Ralph's kitchen in Oakland in 2003, listening carefully to his design requests as he had very specific ones.

More Horn Blowing

Here is another client's response:

You certainly have much to celebrate - 25 years of outstanding work is quite an achievement. We couldn't be more pleased with what you've done for us. Your dedication to quality and your patience and responsiveness to your clients are extraordinary. Please feel free to use us as a reference...We can't say enough great things about OTB.

Karen and Bill

The McClave-Stevensons had us build an addition to their home last year. We've done several other smaller projects for them over the years as well.

You can see their projects and others on our website gallery:, click on "gallery". The McClave-Stevenson's project is one of our three slide shows.

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